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H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. is a design and engineering organization that is specialized in design activities in the field of power generation and civil engineering. The extent of its activities includes the preparation of studies, proposals for bids and bid documentation, documentation for bidding contest, design activities up to the preparation of detail design documentation of project, as well as workshop documentation for steel structures. H&D Engineering is a limited liability company without participation of foreign companies.

H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. is a design and supplier organization in the following fields:


  • Power generation

  • Civil engineering and steel structures

  • Mechanical technology

  • Services connected with deliveries of machines and equipment

  • Bidding contests

  • Management of projects

  • Implementation of projects

H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. employs authorized engineers in the following branches:


IS00 – statics and dynamics of structures

IT00 – technological equipment of buildings

SP00 – above-grade structures

H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. has prepared in the sphere of its activities and put into standard practice and application methods and procedures of management of processes and quality that make more effective and reliable the whole system of preparation of designs, engineering services and consultations.


Because of the market requirements the company gradually introduced and adopted the documented and certified system of quality management.


The company has decided to prepare and put into function the system of quality management in all activities of related to engineering work. The application of the system of quality management is understood by the company as the means of ensuring a permanent position of the company on the market where, similar to other fields, it is ever more demanding to be successful in the strong competition. An integral part of the system of quality management is the creation of an environment providing favorable conditions for creative work. Such environment will be the foundation of good relations among the employees of the company and it will also create conditions for personal advancement of the employees.


The system of quality management has been prepared as the system of quality management according to the recommendations of the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and it serves as the means of ensuring the compliance of all delivered products and services with the requirements of the clients.


The system of quality management of our company was first certified by the authorized certification company CERT-ACO, s.r.o. in the year 2010, it is supervised every year and it is re-certified every three years.

ISO Certificate


The company H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. was established on the 5th of November 1992. Its founders are Ing. Tomáš Hauba and  Ing. Jiří Drholec, CSc, who until that time had been employed in the design department of Škoda Praha. In this company the also gained extensive experience from many, mainly foreign, projects when they participated in the erection of power plants in many countries of the world such as China, Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, but also in domestic projects.


Many employees of the company have also come gradually from the design department of  Škoda Praha. In the course of time the company obtained other employees, some of them college graduates and some were former employees of other companies active in the field of power generation.


In an endeavor to develop the position of the company on both the domestic and foreign markets the management of the company decided in 2010 to establish its system of quality management (QMS) in keeping with the international standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and to apply for certification of this system, whose integral part is the Policy QMS.