The extent of activities of the company H&D Engineering, spol. s r. o. is including complete design and engineering services in the field of power generation and civil engineering:


  • Technical-economic studies and evaluations

  • Consultation activity

  • Preparation of documentation for bidding contest (tender documentation)

  • Bid documentation

  • Prepartion of documentation for zoning and construction permit

  • Implementation of projects

  • Other activities

H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. has extensive experience in a wide range of power generating equipment, combustion processes, designs of statically and dynamically loaded structures including the determination of dynamic responses of structures at seismic load and wind load in following spheres:


  • Conventional combustion systems using fossil, liquid and gaseous fuels

  • Power plants with steam and gas turbines

  • Combined cycle power plants

  • Treatment of flue gas from power generating units

  • Transport of loose materials

  • Fluidized bed boilers

  • Alternative energy source (solar and concentrated solar power)

  • Combustion of wood chips, agricultural products and other biomas

  • Biogas plant

  • Combined cycle systems

  • Piping systems, including strength analysis and analysis of transient phenomena

In the field of technical analyses and calculations H&D Engineering spol. s r.o. prepares all kinds of mass and balance calculations and analyses, analyses and calculations of piping including dynamic analyses and calculations of piping installed in backfill, designs of piping routes including erection of piping according to standards ANSI/ASME. Calculations and analyses of water impacts, technical-economic evaluation including analyses of return rate on investment, decision on the most suitable solution of power generating units, etc.


H&D Engineering, spol. s r. o. prepares technical-economic studies and evaluations in the field of analyses and calculations:

  • Mass and energy balances

  • Technical and economic evaluations

  • Selections of optimum technical and technical-economic variant

  • Analyses and calculations of dynamic phenomena

In the field of steel structures:

  • Complete designs of statically and dynamically loaded structures

  • Execution designs

  • Workshop documentation

  • Supervisions

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