K7 Kladno 135MW

For the upgrading of a part of the existing operation equipment in the area of the Cogeneration Plant Alpiq Generation (CZ) s.r.o. in the city of Kladno our company HDE has prepared all parts of design documentation from the study, DUR, DSP up to DPS and DSPS. In principle this concerned the installation of a new fluidized-bed boiler K7 of output ~378 t/hr of steam and burning coal and biomass, which will replace the worn-out existing boiler K3 burning pulverized black coal, and the installation of a new turbine-generator set with extraction TG7 of nominal electric condensing output ~135 MW that will replace the existing worn-out sets TG9 and TG12.

In connection with the basic installation (boiler, TG set with steam turbine) there are also solved other related equipments and accessories in such a manner that the whole plant will form a compact and modern cogeneration equipment of required parameters. This concerns primarily new lines of coal handling and a new line of biomass handling, completion of the ash treatment system and additive handling, completion of the cooling water cycles, reconstruction and completion of the electrical equipment of the plant including the power lead to transformer terminals, reconstruction of piping systems including the upgrading of the heating system and primary heat distribution systems.

Further, this concerned supplementary objects competing the whole civil part and infrastructure of the plant area in connection with the newly constructed objects related to the upgrading of the plant – roads and compacted surfaces, modification and completion of the existing railway siding, outdoor lighting system, relocations of networks and new connections, the grounding system, landscaping and park works, and not the least also the necessary dismantling, relocations and demolition works. Our company HDE has executed for the general designer and at the same time the supplier the company KAP all design activities for the civil part.

The project has been implemented in a very limited time. Its technical complexity was caused by the limited available space at the erection site for the location of individual objects of the cogeneration plant, mainly with regard to the objects and equipment of existing units. The machine hall of the main generation unit K7 has been proposed, as regards both the erection and operation, as directly connected to the existing hall of unit K3. The successful result of the execution depended upon precise cooperation of all individual equipments, technological networks, civil structures and networks, and it also depended upon the existing time sequence of the erection of individual civil objects and technological equipments.